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The Hilford Hotel (Xi'erfu Jiudian) is a garden-style business and leisure hotel offering 165 guestrooms. Located close to Xiamen University,  the hotel faces both the Gulangyu and Huandao Road scenic areas. The financial center and Zhongshan Lu commercial loop are both within five-minutes' drive.Other facilities include a Chinese restaurant,cafe,coffee shop and function hall suitable for meetings or other gatherings[View Detail]

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  • Amily
    Facilities a bit dated
  • annestar
    Hotel outside nice and the lobby, but on entering the room feel too old, and there is no free mineral water, far up from four star standard, the price is worth, not recommended to move.
  • fire_85
    The Chinese room, the implementation of an older, health, free mineral water is provided in each room, service or as public attitude, blunt, bad breakfast, the overall feeling is not very good, it is not recommended.
  • erinbeing
    Very good
  • Garfield.Leo
    Good location, poor breakfast, no WiFi in the room, a single router, a mosquito
  • judyava
    Good location, away from the Xiamen University, PuTuo Temple are very close. the hotel is broken, super bad morning. mosquitoes in the room, the boys to pry the legs at the front desk chatting floor no waiter, service is no concept.
  • beltpang
    So-so, neither good nor bad. There's no complimentary mineral water
  • jlccfxm
    Room was comfortable, the price is a bit expensive, holidays, no way, who told us to cast these days. each room has a mini fridge, just use it, the traffic is very convenient, walking to the door is the bus station, few stops away from walking Street, in the alley behind the hotel Street, duck Yes, personal feeling is very good.
  • dependable
    General General General General General
  • adamvinson
  • jason19830113
    In General!
  • E03849588
    Room had a musty, wet not comfortable quilt.
  • caryjue
    A large, luxury
  • bestuser
    Also, it was very close to the University, you can walk to the
  • gxygxy02
    Yeah, okay, decor is beautiful, has the feeling of home, is on the floor, very humid, with balcony, kitchen, overall is good
  • jojopeace
    More humid room, service staff, health
  • e02369875
    Around the hotel is very quiet, very close to the University, the environment is beautiful
  • lyma409
    Again this shop
  • gracebai781022
  • AngelaMeng
    Good location, walk to University, nanputuo Temple, Zhongshan Street, was not far away. the room is a little damp, the only thing.
  • dong_dongxi
    Hotel front desk small short a male service attitude quite bad, nearly 500 yuan of luxury suite room within wallpaper off, refrigerator bad of, electric kettle inside is dirty, towel towel also is old has odor, most cannot endure of is room window has a smoke road daily early at 7 o'clock, noon at 11 o'clock, night at 6 o'clock on special ring, earthquake of Windows are fibrillation, also has 5 layer restaurant special dirty, in on was odor smoked out has, fundamental on eat rice, feel also than shortcut hotel.
  • JBruse
    Pulpy of hotel, daily at 4 o'clock in the afternoon only open air conditioning, in more than 30 more degrees of Xiamen has several this hotel, find front desk theory also was told this is we hotel of provides! is is too low carbon has! second days night eat finished rice back hotel, a out elevator tens of thousands of only moth flying, feel live of not Garden Hotel, was is original forest! later was told Xiamen hotel are is such of, about rain on has this termite fly came in, hotel clearly know will has this status occurred, forWhat does not prevent that evening I'm ready for the hotel, just opposite to go home to see family this is not the case, the results did not like this, I was speechless!
  • dylanfan
    In General, a bad attitude,
  • Jeffrey Wan
    Older hotel, the device needs to be updated! towels should also change, equipment is not complete, lacking the weight! other hotel facilities are not complete!
  • Apprentice
    Rooms were very old, poor breakfast, tour special
  • Eucalyptus
    Hotel is very old, many facilities are overwhelmed
  • fen1904
  • bajiaowan
    Hotel rooms should be selected at the outset here, but only stayed for one night
  • star1125
    Friend, and says you can also @):-:-/
  • a78588
    What you want to say, look what shit, I rest in your room, total card on my waiter locks, not even my apology
  • cooper_1999
    Bed too hard, sleep is not comfortable
  • maimu
    A good environment, good service!
  • lurenfeng
    Near the South PuTuo, and Xiamen University, and to the pedestrian street near, but low grade should be no decoration for a long time, room lights Dim, bathroom shower toilet is often wet.
    Very close to the University and the South PuTuo
  • joyceblueeye
    Not good!
  • lanyu1326
    Good location, facilities, service was not good, breakfast is very poor, and 1.2 m also charge 15 per person, so many hotels first came across
  • yuncaifeiyang
    Hotel of advantages and determine are very obviously. first said advantages, away from University is near, walk on can to South PuTuo door, around traffic dinner are is convenient. room is big, actually also has kitchen with a electromagnetic furnace and pool, has balcony. say shortcomings, wash Taiwan is small, bathroom inside shampoo and bathing dew are no, clearly is double early of room actually with I said several people staying on to several Zhang breakfast coupons, was also intends to called friends with to eat breakfast of, although breakfast type also not more,But the requirement for such wonderful work is still pretty speechless. telephone table lamps are broken, breakfast is fine, but overall feeling bad, look at cheap price and that.
  • ai2655204
    Only downside is no WiFi
  • msr520
    Address of the hotel is very convenient, city buses stop in front of the lobby. around eating snacks are very colorful, and is also very close to the city center, just a few minutes.
  • CissyNerval
    Hotels near Xiamen is good, but still not very good, the room on the first floor have a musty, luck can have big balconies.
  • e00036891
    Windows will not open, the room air conditioning or refrigeration, reflected backward, to change rooms remains the same, but air conditioning is fine! Oh!
  • cindy_yu28
    Nice duplex houses like, but this price facilities services are a disappointment, first hotel facilities, free WIfi, and breakfast is shabby, later went to only the basic bread
  • liyan6769
    A musty room, restaurant taste of smelly, no appetite
  • a-small-potato
    Change your name, don't know why, is better not to provide early, as in decoration, good location, rooms have more characteristics.
  • louis1989
    Very good, nice
  • fujimei
    Health and infrastructure is not ideal
  • sisen
    So tide is too old, smelly, but convenient, anywhere convenience-
  • singfdf
    Room Sun Sun, damp cold mood
  • gao_Xf
    Room is quite big but outdated facilities, toilet looks dirty, smelly in the cafeteria was! management mess!
  • linlin550520
    Nice, service was good, the most important thing is easy.