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The Hilford Hotel (Xi'erfu Jiudian) is a garden-style business and leisure hotel offering 165 guestrooms. Located close to Xiamen University,  the hotel faces both the Gulangyu and Huandao Road scenic areas. The financial center and Zhongshan Lu commercial loop are both within five-minutes' drive.Other facilities include a Chinese restaurant,cafe,coffee shop and function hall suitable for meetings or other gatherings[View Detail]

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  • CP0815
    Poor, poor service, poor facilities, will surely not this
  • vivi198207
    Poor, poor facilities and services are ... not with a four-star standard. expensive hardware and service was poor.
  • flacocn
    A word bad, sucks two words, three words and bad home price 378, Xiamen
  • momo1377
    Worst breakfast in history only 5 channels all make you speechless! if it is not improved even if another good brand hotel in Xiamen will also keep
  • e00744677
    Very good location, to Harcourt South PuTuo Temple walking 10 minutes
  • anarguli
    Big room and also has a kitchen, although not to use ... sound good, very quiet.
  • anyfany
    Room quite big bad pillows too soft sleeping rooms are empty so you
  • jason19830113
    In General!
  • e04964783
    Good location to PuTuo temple mountain in the summer can walk there on taxi fares. More than more than 80 square-suite amenities of old phones are bad there are two rooms kitchen balcony rooms quite large
  • e03172453
    It's OK
  • niuniu2888
    Hotel good morning 6, 7 points when a lot of people talking. has been more than 10 points to quiet. night OK. rooms big bathroom is a little small. be clean. overall general. but not far from the area's car is not expensive.
  • railwayboy
    Was very close to Xiamen University to facilitate travel, crossing there is a fruit stand, ready to eat fresh fruit. bus directly to the street, eating soup and the peanut yellow. Hotel Green good, Chinese-style structure, it is very quiet, large, soft and comfortable.
  • diubaobao
    Hotels are cheap and great! two-story duplex, two bedrooms, it's out of this world! more than expected! In any case, very much worth living! There are two problems, 1, room back of Yang, room slightly cold; 2, 1 o'clock noon see an attendant will check out, he didn't plan.
  • carlra
    So so
  • angel_ana
    Environment in General, took a picture is better than real
  • jeffly
    Spider silk
  • jlccfxm
    Room was comfortable, the price is a bit expensive, holidays, no way, who told us to cast these days. each room has a mini fridge, just use it, the traffic is very convenient, walking to the door is the bus station, few stops away from walking Street, in the alley behind the hotel Street, duck Yes, personal feeling is very good.
  • e01967209
    It is worth
  • longlivex
    Breakfast should be contracted out, the waiter's old age, feel clean. most important meal is too poor, too few.
  • automtic
    OK ... breakfast is the variety of Chinese cuisine.
  • limlim
    Good location, very near from Xiamen University, health improvement, breakfast is too little.
  • arrived
    The stay, only convenient but ignore the in-store, with no good impression left, absolute bad reviews!
  • Alex Ang
    Hotel in tourism core regional, eat, play are very convenience, and quiet. internal decorative, facilities very luxury, comfortable, has grade. room outside also has a small between kitchen, has electromagnetic furnace and pot, I and children in here cook seafood, very convenient. is rare of is: staff service very intimate, I due to accommodation claims of thing in thing across several months Hou again contact hotel provides related documents,, the hotel Liu manager not too trouble give selfless of help, makes I very moved,Staff, hotel could do not you! highly recommended!
  • lujia3708
    Overall pretty good, just a bit musty. In addition, the others are also very good, price is reasonable, the key is very convenient location, surrounding and convenient transportation.
  • tearoom
    Wet weight
  • cjlin8
    Good location, not far from the University, next to the alley, evening and night market. Rooms also have a small kitchen and a balcony, the clothes. Breakfast was bad, less variety, hoping to improve.
  • Justin80
    Need to decorate, it'll be fine.
  • amarda
    Nice hotel, the distance is close to the University and the South PuTuo Temple
  • angela201109
    Crappy hotel, images with the actual room one day one, completely, in short, like Money cheated, originally wanted to take it, a shower toilet block, the whole room is soaked in water, and the next day asked where the buffet is actually no one talk to me, only FK 100 times breakfast throw the heart meditation
  • naf2010
    Service is very good, is close to the attractions, the traffic is very convenient
  • fsceac
    Hotel good morning 6, 7 points when a lot of people talking. has been more than 10 points to quiet. night OK. rooms big bathroom is a little small. be clean. overall general. but not far from the area's car is not expensive.
  • LI WAI
    Hotel location good, to Zhongshan Road bus on three station, to University with go of on can, travel compared convenient. room old has points, but also is comfortable, bed special soft, to 1.8 meters of on better has, the some are has has, also has a Cook things eat of place, is two a has fan of place are not sealed, wants to in inside smoking inevitably will floating to bedroom. breakfast really not how, also on can eat full, also don't has what other requirements has. General for also is worth recommended of.
  • dourenle
    More humid room
  • Dolly12345
    Older hotels, but cheaper ... can't eat early, so bad. 30m2 said the room, but there are more than 10 Ping was not seen in the kitchen and a balcony, and useless, also outside the room. the feel a little bit cheated. overall cost can also.
  • elian18
    Overall feel better!! whole feel better!
  • e00021586
    Hotel was beautiful, Xiamen University are in close proximity!
  • lou574598774
    Very good. travel very well.
  • yueyan217
    Really bad, had lived in the worst hotel, the front desk to check in staff time at the computer talk, a musty hotel room, air conditioning, not to force, quilt revival, a layer of dust on the table, lived the most rubbish hotel. this way, to home and next 7 days will be much better.
  • gaobing5288
    Hotel was very old, basic services, things on the breakfast half an hour later, will not live
  • laoye789
    Knew the beginning, like
  • a-small-potato
    Change your name, don't know why, is better not to provide early, as in decoration, good location, rooms have more characteristics.
  • meimeimei
    Hotel too old, price is not high.
  • POLO sent
    Hotel location excellent, nanputuo ten minutes on foot, hotel is near the bus station, hotel rooms, double room bed only 1.5 metres wide, seemed a bit small, fully equipped, the room has a computer with Internet access, is more convenient.
  • Arriy.Wang
    Can also stay here mainly because of the traffic
  • switer
    From the University near, convenient! tour
  • lindalu07
    Very nice, great location, very quiet.
  • Jeffrey Wan
    Older hotel, the device needs to be updated! towels should also change, equipment is not complete, lacking the weight! other hotel facilities are not complete!
  • Fly Wan months small dreams
    Friend hotel, next to the Museum, from the University near/
  • beltpang
    So-so, neither good nor bad. There's no complimentary mineral water
  • emanmantam
    Good location, PEAR Xiamen University, is next to the overseas Chinese Museum. environment and health is very good, is the building where we lived, there is no elevator, himself took the suitcase to the second floor